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The Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation created by the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA) in 2001 to support psychology training in Arizona.

Volunteer to Present

Our postdoctoral residency program greatly values the involvement of psychologists who generously donate their time and expertise as didactic training speakers at our monthly training events. These dedicated volunteers play a pivotal role in enriching the educational experience of our residents. By sharing their extensive knowledge, practical insights, and real-world experiences, these psychologists contribute to the professional development and growth of our residents. Their valuable contributions not only enhance the didactic training curriculum but also inspire and motivate residents to excel in their clinical practice. The commitment of these psychologists to volunteering as speakers demonstrates their deep passion for advancing the field of psychology and their genuine desire to support the next generation of mental health professionals. Their selfless contributions greatly contribute to the overall quality of our training program, fostering a collaborative learning environment and ensuring that our residents receive a comprehensive education that prepares them to address the diverse and evolving mental health needs of our community. If you are interested in volunteering as a speaker for our program, please contact our Director of Training, Dr. Elizabeth Capps-Conkle. 

Patrons of Psychology

​​Supporting mental health training is an investment that yields invaluable benefits in addressing the pressing mental health needs of our state. By donating to the AzPTC training program, you are directly contributing to the development of highly skilled and compassionate mental health professionals who will make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities. Your support enables us to offer comprehensive and rigorous training opportunities that equip residents with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide effective and evidence-based interventions. As a result, more individuals in our state will have access to quality mental health care, reducing stigma, and improving overall well-being. By supporting mental health training, you are not only fostering the growth and success of aspiring psychologists but also creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the mental health landscape of our state, fostering resilience, healing, and hope for those who need it most. Your donation also supports funding an annual supervision conference, sustaining operational costs of the consortium, expansion and growth with increased number of sites and residents, and governance. Your donation truly makes a difference.

Become a Patron
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There are three levels of recognized donation:

Silver: With a donation of $100, you will receive a frameable certificate.

Gold: For a donation of $250, you will receive a plaque to display in your office

Platinum: With a donation of $500, you will receive the plaque, as well as recognition on the Consortium website of your valued support.

Thank you to these generous donors for helping support the future of training for mental health providers in Arizona. We could not do it without your support!

Platinum Patrons
John Stapert, PhD
Michael Redivo, Ph.D.
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