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Arizona Psychology Training Consortium

Training, mentoring, and networking for the next generation of psychologists.

The primary mission of the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC) is to provide a quality Postdoctoral Residency training program. Through its unique model of training, the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium utilizes the resources of academic departments, community agencies, and private practitioners to provide organized training for residents. Our training sites reflect the extensive breadth of client populations and intervention modalities available in the state of Arizona.  The Consortium provides administrative and consultative support for resident training at each of these sites and ensures that each resident receives high-quality training and supervision. In addition, the Consortium ensures opportunities to build a sense of community with other residents in the consortium class through monthly didactic programs, among other activities.

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What We Offer

The Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC) is a unique example of a state-wide professional psychology community supporting the profession through training and education. The AZPTC serves as the organizational infrastructure for a consortium of clinics, private practices, and other health care organizations to provide access to high-quality training opportunities and supervision. The AZPTC’s structure supports residents’ connection to the broader professional community in the state through monthly didactic training, peer support, and networking. As part of their educational requirements, trainees engage with the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA), which integrates them into the statewide professional community.

The AZPTC further supports the training community by sponsoring continuing education programs and conferences, including the annual Arizona Psychology Training Conference and the Arizona Psychological Association Annual Convention. Both programs focus on psychology training for the local community.

Success Stories

“​​The Consortium is a one-of-a-kind training experience. There is a hidden value that goes well beyond the salary / stipend – a training culture centered on diverse and abundant clinical and networking experiences that prepare graduates to successfully launch their careers. In addition to establishing clinical skills in their area of specialty, residents learn about the business side to the profession – helping them establish a financial working knowledge to their field. Residents gather every month for an ‘alphabet’ of clinical training topics, delivered by top notch, seasoned psychologists within their community. During these gatherings, residents encounter valuable networking opportunities, connect with one another, share insights, professional development tips, fun things to do outside work, and support. Throughout each training year, the Consortium affords organic experiences for residents to grow in confidence and professional identify, become part of the psychology community, and thicken their relationships with future colleagues and mentors. These hidden values, not captured in a salary or stipend, represent a heck of an investment for residents in their efforts to launch a successful and fulfilling career.“

Michael Redivo, PhD

Executive Board of Directors

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with new people at the same level of their career. The didactics were interesting and the social opportunities were great.”

Dr. Peter Hildebrand

Neuropsychology Residency 2021-2023

“I began residency later than most of the post docs  here this year (March’23).  However, I have enjoyed each session I feel I have had the opportunity to take a lot away from them. Presentations on various topics outside my skill sets in areas of work help me to better understand the conditions I otherwise wouldn’t. I believe this is a great opportunity to learn about and explore other areas and topics with other professionals in the field of psychology.”

Dr. Vanessa Smith

Psychology Residency 2023-2024

“I have had residents working with me through the consortium for over a decade, and it has been very rewarding to help them emerge from the student role to become licensed psychologists.  Supervising residents helps keep my perspective fresh and makes me a better psychologist.  I really value the collegial relationships that continue post-residency.”

Jeannine Morrone-Strupinsky, Ph.D., ABPP.

AzPTC Supervisor

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