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The purpose of the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium is to create high quality postdoctoral residency training sites throughout the state of Arizona.

The Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC) is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit subsidiary corporation of the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA). The Consortium was created by the Arizona Psychological Association to develop training opportunities in the state. Being a consortium, our faculty is drawn from the psychological community in the state of Arizona. Thus, the Consortium utilizes the resources of academic departments, community agencies, and independent practitioners in providing organized and sequential training for residents. Our training sites reflect the breadth of client populations and intervention modalities available in the state of Arizona.

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What do we offer?


The Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC) is a unique example of a state-wide professional psychology community supporting the profession through training and education.

The AZPTC serves as the organizational infrastructure for a consortium of clinics, private practices, and other health care organizations to provide access to high-quality training opportunities and supervision that would otherwise not be available. The AZPTC structure supports trainees' connection to the broader professional community in the state through monthly didactic trainings, peer support, and networking. As part of their educational requirements, trainees engage with the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA), which integrates them into the statewide professional community.

The AZPTC further supports the training community by sponsoring continuing education programs, including the annual Arizona Psychology Training Conference and the Arizona Psychological Association Annual Convention. Both programs focus on psychology training for the local community.

Part of the mission of the AZPTC is to extend the training and support of the professional psychology community to include the broader society in which we live. In order to meet this goal, AZPTC provides grants to psychology training organizations that support underserved populations in Arizona.

The AZPTC was created in 2001 by the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA) as a nonprofit (501(c)3) corporation to increase the availability of psychology training opportunities in the state of Arizona.

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